City legends

City beach

City beach

1. Public park – Public park designed in the second half of the 19th century. It features chestnut lined alleys, a promenade with a water pool along the axis, and a web of walking paths on the woody slopes the park is leaning against. A popular destination for citizens looking for a brief getaway, and teenagers celebrating the end of a successful week at school on Fridays.

2. City beach – From late May to mid September, the southern side of the medieval city walls turns into a riverside beach with plenty of shade to chill in. Offer from the bar goes well with regular cultural events taking place there.

3. City market – The main market is a sightly architectural whole, albeit falling short in some aspects of functionality. In the mornings, especially Saturdays, the market is a popular gathering hub for the locals feasting their eyes on a wide offer of juicy fruit and vegetables.

4. Celje Fair showground – In Slovenia and indeed the broader region, Celje is famous for being a city of fairs and tradeshows that have seen local and international exhibitors and visitors flock to this site for ages. Specialized fairs and tradeshows are held each year. The main event of the season is the International Trade Fair which has taken place each year since 1967; recent additions to the roster include the only erotic fair in Slovenia.

5. Špica – A popular gathering point on the walking path along the confluence of the Ložnica creek and Savinja River; also the seat of the local kayak and canoe rowing club. Once unsightly wooden shed has recently been replaced by a modern facility catering to the needs of rowers and thirsty by-passers.

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