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The only children's museum in Slovenia

The only children's museum in Slovenia

1. Visual Arts Gallery (Likovni salon) – This exhibition area, part of Celje's Contemporary Arts Center (Center sodobnih umetnosti), is a sort of a lab presenting progressive contemporary artistic practices.

2. Gallery of Contemporary Art – The central exhibition facility of the Contemporary Arts Center, hosting solo and group exhibitions of renowned artists from Slovenia and abroad.

3. Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery – A space of production and display of contemporary art, presenting Slovenian and international artists. Arguably, the exciting program is to be thanked for high attendance at the exhibitions that change about monthly. The name Kronkowska remains a mystery that the owner refuses to elucidate, which has led to a number of urban legends as to its origins.

4. Artistic quarter – The municipal authorities decided to allow the local artists to move into defunct and abandoned elite boutiques flanking a tiny square. The result is a minuscule artistic quarter, a place of small studios and big ideas. The quarter has a particularly lively pulse on Fridays and Saturdays. Here, the visitors can meet the authors of MCC Hostel's interior decoration.

5. Theatre – The only professional theatre in the region. The building with a lavish entrance was built in place of an older theatre and it incorporates a defense tower of the medieval walls. The theatre is renowned for its comedy festival "Dnevi komedije" and an excellent repertoire.

6. Regional Museum – Founded in 1882, this is the central museum institution for the broad region. In addition to the main building, it includes ten branch units. Permanent exhibitions (archaeology, cultural history, ethnology) are complemented by excellent temporary exhibitions. Notable exhibits include the oldest bone needle in Europe, and the Celje Ceiling, a giant optical illusion canvas.

7. Museum of Recent History – Herman's Den – Former city hall houses the Museum of Recent history. Apart from the permanent collection which includes an exhibition on Celje, and a dentistry collection, it is also home to the children's museum called Herman's Den – the only children's museum in the country and a perennial winner of museum awards. Superb visiting exhibitions add their share in drawing a very decent attendance.

8. The church of St. Daniel – The abbey and parish church was built in the Gothic period and re-Gothicized in the 19th century. The interior and exterior feature several integrated medieval and renaissance tombstones. The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows is an excellent example of a private chapel reserved for the high nobility. Virtually untouched to this day, it is a remnant of the glory days of the Counts of Celje. The chapel features one of the most beautiful sculptures of Lamentation (Pietà) from the High Gothic period.

9. Cinema Metropol – The only movie theatre in the city center. The auditorium is located in a Plečnik building. The cinema has been in operation continuously since 1936 and it is appreciated by its patrons for refined choice of films, as well as concert series focusing on different musical genres.

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