Urban legends from the Hostel

1. The Counts of Celje

Wide paved roads, tales of hidden treasures, huge castles, dragons, lovers lost, backstabbing murders and invincible heroes. The position of Celje, City of Lords, which could have stood equal to the biggest cities of Europe, remains a phantasm of everyday life, with the cry: “Counts of Celje, today and nevermore” still resounding.

Sleep in a double bed room with a balcony "The Counts of Celje".

2. Catfish Dogeater

Bubbles gently break the surface, water stirs and the pooch, swimming around carelessly, is gone without a trace. There are many mystical stories surrounding Šmartinsko Lake. A gigantic catfish is supposed to be lurking there, eating small children, cats, dogs, swans.

Sleep in a double bed room Catfish Dogeater.

3. Celje Ninja

One quiet morning a shuriken ripped through the air and just for a briefest of moments, a dark shadow could be seen lurking, as a city gets its newest urban legend. This is a true story of a man in black, armed to the teeth, who wanted to put an end to the injustice happening around him.

Sleep in a single room Celje Ninja.

4. Mr. K

“How to catch oneself?” This is a question echoing the city streets for decades. An urban story of a police officer in pursuit of a person behind a crime, he himself has perpetrated.

Sleep in single room Mr. K.

5. Red House

…on one bright socialist day, a notorious factory in Celje was visited by a high-ranking political officer of the Central Committee. He demanded that, for the good of the socialist future, the current director be replaced with comrade Ocvirk…

Sleep in a double bed room Red House.

6. Celje Subculture

Celje probably has the highest percent of unique characters per square meter of urban landscape. All these “warriors against everyday bleakness” have successfully merged with the colorful subculture. The ambient of back alleys offers company, freedom of expression, and in the same time, a haven against the mainstream of “normality”.

Sleep in a double bed room Celje Subculture.

7. Love

Unrequenched, past, gay, forbidden, lost, damned. All these manners of love, and many more, have been sawn into the fabric of the city. Of most of them, there are only tiny specs left to remind us, like those of Alfred Nobel and his great money devourer from Celje – Sofija Hess.

Sleep in a double bed room with balcony The Love Room.

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