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MCC Hostel Celje also offers fully equipped seminar rooms intended for lectures, several-day seminars, round tables, press conferences, presentations etc.
Technical equipment is virtually indispensable for any conference event as it allows advanced presentations, streamlines larger meetings or conventions, and improves the options for communication between conference attendants,
We offer several rooms of various sizes. All rooms can be booked with or without technical equipment; we can also provide the services of a technician or prepare the rooms according to your requirements.

The hall
The hall is the heart of the Celje Youth Hostel seminar center. It is intended for lectures and presentations while top-class audio and video equipment allow superior photo slideshows or video screenings, as well as connection with all types of computer connections. A wireless microphone system is available for lectures and discussions; furthermore, a DVD/media player can be used to play back all types of video and audio regardless of format.
The hall can accommodate up to 60 persons seated in comfortable chairs. The hall is air conditioned to provide a supply of fresh air and optimum conditions even when the hall is used at full capacity.
The hall is also suitable for informal socializing after lectures, offering a relaxed club atmosphere and music to go with snacks and refreshments. Hence, it is also appropriate for parties as it guarantees privacy. If parties are held at the hall, then the hallway with the gallery and the outdoor yard can also be used. Upon request by the customer, we can also arrange for catering service.

Information about the room Equipment
• Length: 13 m • Infocus IN 2112 (1280x800-3000:1)
• Width: 9.50 m • 2 amplifiers Omnitronic PA-1600
• Area: 123.5 m2 • Central PA system - Cerwin Vega v152 = 4 pcs (4 x 600 W) and sl 36 = 2 pcs (2 x 1500 W)
• Capacity: 60 seats • 1 wireless headset microphone (Samson cr77)
• 2 wired microphones Shire beta 58a
• Video projection surface: 2.4 m x 2 m • PA mixer Behringer DJX700 (4-channel)
  • Laptop computer with Windows 7 and Office 2007
• WiFi


Conference room
The central element of the conference room is the conference table which is intended for lectures and workshops of smaller groups, particularly when interaction between the attendants is required. Like the entire facility, the small conference room, too, offers wireless internet connection and use of a video projector; it can accommodate 10 people.

Information about the room
• Length: 4.50m • Infocus IN 2112 (1280x800-3000:1)
• Width: 4m • Laptop computer
• Area: 18 m2 • Windows 7
• Capacity: 9 seats • Office 2007
• Projection surface: 2m x 1.5m • WiFi
  • Cable internet connection


Multimedia lecture room
Multimedia room is intended for workshops or lectures that require the use of computers. The key advantage offered by the multimedia classroom is 6 high-performance computers. Use of a video projector and other multimedia equipment is also possible. Multimedia classroom can also be used as a lecture room for up to 16 people.

Information about the room Equipment
• Length: 6m • 6 x computer
• Width: 3m • Infocus IN 2112 (1280x800-3000:1)
• Area: 18 m2 • Cable internet connection
• Capacity: 9 seats • Laptop computer with Windows 7 and Office 2007
• Projection surface: 2m x 2m  

Small lecture room
The small lecture room which has the capacity for up to 12 people can be rented for lectures and seminars. The room is equipped with 6 desks that can be easily and quickly rearranged and laid out as desired to allow more interaction between the class attendants. The room is also equipped with a magnetic whiteboard. Also available are a video projector and wireless internet connection.

Information about the room Equipment
• Length: 4.50m • Infocus IN 2112 (1280x800-3000:1)
• Width: 4.50m • Laptop computer
• Area: 20.25 m2 • Windows 7
• Capacity: 12 seats • Office 2007
• Projection surface: 2m x 2m • Whiteboard
  • Cable internet connection


 MCC café
The MCC Hostel also includes a café. We offer several different refreshments and snacks for coffee breaks. A buffet with warm and cold snacks can also be provided upon request. After the formal part of your event, you may make use of our picnic yard complete with a volleyball and badminton court, and table tennis equipment. Alternatively, you can rest in the shadow of the trees in the green park and enjoy some culinary treats.





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