Campaign "Sleep for peace" in MCC hostel


What do you do for peace?

This year, in cooperation with the Travel Association of Slovenia and twelve other Slovenian hostels, we are joining the global Hostelling International campaign “Sleep for peace”. It will take place between 21st September, when we celebrate the International Day of Peace and 27th September, which is World Tourism Day. Campaign´s aim is to make people aware of the importance of PEACE and to encourage them to contribute to a better environment in the world with their good will and positive thinking. By joining the campaign we want to remind the public about the importance of peace and that it is in the interest of peace and conflict prevention to understand the needs of others and not just our own.

You can join the campaign too! Find a white sheet, which will be hung somewhere in our hostel and write interesting thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU DO FOR PEACE?” and ideas on how to improve the world peace with a blue pen on it.

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