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As part of the project TAPOS - taborniški pospeševalnik they prepares a 3-month RR program for all young people between the ages of 21 and 29 who are not yet employed.

What does RR mean? The abbreviation represents researchers (male and female), as we call our members in the camp organization, who during this age period intensively explore the world around them and gain experience that contribute to the development of their potentials and the realization of life choices. In the RR program, through the support of professional speakers and the incentives of young people who think like you, you explore what kind of career you want and develop in accordance with your wishes and values. In addition to 5 weekend workshops, they also have useful tools and materials, and participate in the 8-week challenge Get to know yourself to learn how to maintain new habits to help you keep up with the world and how to respond when something goes wrong.

Participants who participated in the first implementation of the program noted in the evaluation that:

  • they are now more willing to create a career,
  • they are more confident,
  • they better know themselves, their dreams, and have learned to overcome fears and obstacles,
  • they have written a useful curriculum vitae and learned to write a motivation letter,
  • now they are familiar with different forms of work and working environments,
  • they understand better what entrepreneurship is and are more prepared for the entrepreneurial path,
  • they learned a lot from lecturers who were very kind,
  • they have a bigger network of acquaintances, relationships, partners.

They are preparing two other programs:

October-December 2017, Celje 20-22. October / 11-12. November / 25-26. November / 8-10. December / 16-17. December
January-March 2018, Celje 5.-7. January / 20th-21. January / 3rd-4th February / 16th - 18th February / 10th-11th March

Weekend workshops will be held at the premises of the MCC Youth Center in Celje, and Hostel MCC will take care of the accommodation. For participants who are interested in the entrepreneurial path, we will also organize a separate start-up weekend, 6-8. April 2018.

We recommend you already book your time and sign up at http://tapos.taborniki.si/program/rr-program/. The deadline for applying for the autumn program is on Friday, October 6, and for the winter program on Friday, December 22.



  • What relationship do I have with me?
  • What are my good and bad qualities?
  • How do others see me?
  • Exploring the strong desire to achieve something special in life The workshop will be led by dr. Tomaž Erzar from the Ljubljana Learning Research Center and Jona Mirnik, a camp mentor who deals with the field of non-conflict communication.


  • Finding motivational factors
  • Dreaming of an ideal job
  • Overcoming fears
  • What is important to me when working? The workshop will be run by Neža Krek, an international expert in the field of people management and career coaching.


  • Different forms of work
  • How does start-up, crowdfunding, coworking work?
  • What is a circular economy, cooperative society, the sustainable development of economy and society? Modern concepts of work and working environments will be presented by Rok Capuder (Zavod 404) at the workshop. Individual work: Preparing a CV and LinkedIn profile


  • Writing CVs, motivational letters
  • Creation of scenarios of possible personal paths
  • Learning an Effective and Targeted Approach to the Employer The workshop will be run by Matija Goljar from the Ustvarjalnik and Head of the Television Program Štartaj, Slovenia, and Matic Breznik from the Ustvarjalnik. Individual work: Own work plan, contacts with companies, organizations


  • Overview of personal plan of employment
  • Self-confident performance
  • Presentation of Career Plan The fifth workshop lecturers will be known shortly.


  • 100 hours or approximate 3 weeks in the selected company
  • Job shadowing
  • Support mentor


  • Support for peers


  • Reviewing work and reporting on success 9 8-week challenge Get to know yourself
  • During the program you can monitor what's happening and by using simple online exercises you can enhance positive self-image.

More at tapos.taborniki.si.


This content is interesting, but ...

Will you be 30 years old during the project? Sign up! It only counts the age when applying for a project.

Are you not a boyscout or a girlscout? Sign up! The RR program is intended for young people up to the age of 29 who are not yet employed, regardless of whether they are members of the scout organization.

What connection does this have with the scouting? The Association of Scouts of Slovenia is the bearer of the project TAPOS - taborniški pospeševalnik. Many lecturers in the RR program were or are active scouts and have used methods of youth work, which focus on the young person, work 1 to 1, a positive view of the world, motivation and learning through practical experience, and not so much in the lecture.

Are you not close to the end of your degree or master's degree? Sign up! The findings that you will gain in the RR program will also serve you in 6 months, one year, two years ... In the program, you will strengthen the skills of building a career that will come in handy for all your life.

Do you have a different career in mind? Sign up! We all do not have the same career path in life. It is important to find out what you want and how to achieve your goals. We'll help you with this.

If I sign up for participation, do I have to be present in all activities? This is very desirable. The program is designed as a process and each of the weekend workshops represents an important part in it. We believe that the presence at meetings will also be useful for you.

Are you not from Celje? With those who do not have their own transport, we will arrange for a joint drive so as not to burden the environment unnecessarily. Most likely, at least one car from Maribor and Ljubljana will be transported to Celje. The accommodation will be provided.

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