Fairy Celje 2017


Trip to Fairy Celje 2017 will be something special this year! Visit us, because they have prepared special experiences for you every day! In the festive old town center Celje it smells of cinnamon, homemade biscuits and cooked wine! In the little houses with the offer of a diverse gift program you will surely find something for yourself or your loved ones.

Just take enough time to visit the FAIRY CELJE! Interesting stories will continue throughout the city center.

You have to visit:

Free concerts at Krekov and Glavni trg (Main market), Fairy-tale carousel and train, Mini zoo, Magic country of fairy-tale horses with ponies riding, Music from a fairy-tale balcony, dance show and creations at the Museum of recent history of Celje, Culinary stories in the center of the city, Ana Fairy - fire performances , Advent city guides, Days of Art Quarters, Evening shopping in the city center, arrival of Saint Nick on Krekov trg, merrymaking with Pažko Urhko and friends on the Main Square ... CHILDREN'S NEW YEAR'S REMAINING ON THE MAIN MARKET IS PRECIOUSLY OPEN AND A OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE FOR ALL PEOPLE GOOD WALLS!

The program of events is located below.

Free Concert Program:

Glavni trg. (Main market)

Krekov trg.

Welcome to Fairy Celje 2017!

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Monday, 22.10.2018 5 / 15 °C
Tuesday, 23.10.2018 2 / 17 °C
Wednesday, 24.10.2018 4 / 20 °C

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