In August MCC Hostel was full of young energy.


Last month we hosted 2 groups of youth exchange participants from different European countries (Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia).

MCC Hostel Celje and youth center was full from 1.8. to 08.08.2014 of  young participants of YOUTH4FUTURE exchange that was organised by Celje youth center. The topic was the development of entrepreneurial competencies, games, cultures and learning about the local treasures.


From 19.8 to 28.8.2014 we hosted  youth exchange program called SMACK that was organised by Youth Center Dravinjska Valley, whose main topic was "What is normal and what is not?".

Project was attended by over 35 young people. During the project, the participants shared their knowledge of subculture and got the opportunity to present their country to the other participants, talk, play and share their opinions.

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