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zxm - Friday, 5 august 2016 - 08:32 AM
Every early May, there is a "beginning of summer" solar terms, followed by three months, until the "beginning of autumn" before the summer belongs to the world of nature in the year, seasons, again and again, year after year, the law was it, which is in heaven, can not be changed.Every time, the summer wind, no longer is "blowing side is not cold Wind in the Willows" by the genial warmth of a gradual transition to the hot, hot, scorching. It's like a strange temper, gentle start, including but not exposed, sentimental people. Then, the temperature of fiery, violent temper gradually, burning, people can not close. Xia Gaoxing gentle when blowing hot air conducive to the growth of all things, especially in the field of migrant labor all day, like me, will shorten the growth period of crops, such as corn, crops grow faster in summer, but a hundred days to mature reward. I act violently when angry, would throw tantrums, become blustery, even blowing "tornado" wherever he went, Fangdaowuta, cement telephone pole can Guaduan, devastating! In this case, it is a curse for the "evil wind."Summer rain is not like the ox hair, like a flower pin, like filaments, full of warmth bathed the earth and all things human, but casual down. Sometimes, the rhythm, the next three days and nights can not stop; sometimes, torrential rain, "east west sunrise Rain", civil commonly known as the rut I was the rain, like the doll's face, said Yin Yin on that sunny to sunny, keep track of. Often 5, 6, July is the time to onset of summer temper, then rain down more, I changed the title, people called into rainwater flooding. As the saying goes: "Shuihuowuqing"! When my grand mal, such as beast down, the great tide, inexorably devour livestock, thousands of miles of farmland and property, flood become harmful. Of course, in summer there are two sides, but also good-natured time, that is, when good weather, change harm into time. Summer is Hanmo nemesis, drought as long as it met, would obediently surrender, will bless all mankind, and the water they need to survive. At this summer is called Summer.Summer sun is no longer a spring-like warm sun, people used to say the sun is burning hot sun, commonly known as "poison sun." The sun is a surface temperature of 6,000 degree fireball, it is in the solar system astronomy known as the "star", etc. There are nine planets in the Earth revolves around its rotation and revolution. We Chinese in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun to the Earth's Tropic of Cancer, we are in the summer; when the sun to the Earth's Tropic of Capricorn, we are in the winter, this is the geographic sense. Hsia's "Poison" also has two sides. Just because it "toxic" and can help crops grow in a high temperature environment, it is possible to shorten the maturity of the crop growth cycle. The saying goes: "Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman, all things grow by the sun." Only through photosynthesis sun to grow crops, the farmers in order to have a good harvest, humanity can live comfortably. Of course, the sun "poison" a downside, such as high temperature operation we should pay attention to science, in general, summer sunny day 11:00 to 15:00, when the sun is the most poisonous, in order to prevent heat stroke, we should try to avoid open outdoor work this time, even if the job is to be at noon, but also ahead of summer cooling measures, such as eating Dan, eating watermelon, eat cold drinks, etc., we have to adhere, weaknesses, preparedness "sun poisoning" damage, change harm Tametoshi.More summer thunderstorms, lightning lightning is that people should pay attention to. Nature of lightning was the most prominent in the middle of the summer. In general, as long as summer storms, often the beginning of dark clouds, the wind comes up, faint dark world, thunder and lightning, followed by torrential rain and even hail fell from the sky, thunder continued. This weather most likely to shock people and animals or objects, so far as possible to escape the next day storm lightning. The author in his rural home just witnessed a large persimmon tree trunk lightning split a two, and a neighboring village lad, heavy rain in flood control embankments Xiaoqing shoulder shovel, and a pedestrian walking hurriedly, results shovels and people struck by lightning, died on the spot. Opinion, it should not rain storm days and outdoor activities under a tree, God do not have eyes, specifically lightning unlucky person. So, where two buildings of three or more buildings and buildings must be installed lightning protection facilities, meteorological departments will promote its safety reminders lightning rod, just in case.This year's summer floods occurred south, 2008 There is a good ratio. Especially along the Yangtze River in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and other provinces, the flood, to ensure safety of life and property of people in disaster areas, the PLA and armed police forces where they need to go, where to go on the most dangerous, and truly reflects the people army loves the people, become an unbeatable red square, difficult and perilous first charge of the steel wall. Party members and leading cadres at all levels as well as disaster areas, mobilize and organize the people to move, to protect people's lives and property safety lead, lead by example, give full play to the exemplary role of fighting force of grassroots party branches and members, with the hard facts prove that the disaster people do not bend over in front of the disaster, in order to fill summer autumn, self-help, self-reliance and rebuild their homes. (Read the article Network: is a continuation of spring. When the "wild fire, in spring", the summer will continue in silence messaging spring, under the irradiation of the sun, so the summer wind more elated, let Xia Yu trees grace the King show, wanton flourishing, lush fields of crops school. Sorghum stem summer channeling ten feet tall, sorghum exclusive branches flushed; cornstalks also channeling high one, boll corn knot stick a chest; Zhimakaihua steadily high, cotton bud spit junction peach doubled up laughing, even the unknown sea of ??unrestrained soaring summer grass half the height.Summer is the beginning of autumn. Only experienced the red hot summer, will usher in the autumn sky was clear and open distant; only see things in the summer wanton growth, will win fruitful autumn harvest unlimited! Summer, entering the dog days of summer, will have a fall. Nongyan says: "Dog Day which add an autumn", "autumn red over three days." Into the dog days of summer is the hottest period of the year, during this period, people are often described as "sauna days" in the hot sun outside labor easiest heat stroke, leaving the air-conditioned house, it will move a bit sweaty. It is because of the heat to maximum, it will have a "turning point" appears, "autumn" is the "turning point", Nongyan said: "Li autumn, hanging hook hoe" This shows that a crop does not need to work, the cooler weather, far from harvest.Nature is amazing, alternating four seasons is not the people's will transfer. Hot summer will soon be over, fall harvest will be far behind? ! Regardless of what is in season, our careful analysis, it has pros and cons, people who live in this nature, we can only adapt to it, obey it, conquer it, to transform the subjective world while transforming the objective world. So, dialectically, that I love spring flowers bloom, trees recover, I also love that passion hot summer, trees Zheng-rong! Only summer passionate, fiery flames summer to arouse my sleeping brain cells to careful thinking, willfully writing, Evans Quan, pen letter twist to ......
waldin - Wednesday, 14 november 2018 - 05:37 AM
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