In early October, Czech and Slovak journalists visited Styria in order to promote this region among Czech and Slovak tourists. They also stopped in Celje, where we showed them our hostel and all the myths and legends that we have to offer, took them around the city and castle and finally we ended the day with a night visit of art district and jam session in Špital. Next day we served them breakfast of champions at Šerifi ( burek and yoghurt) and they were very excited about everything.


Some of the participants wrote their experiences in Celje:


...Hostels are my home. This year for sure and I've seen lot of them. That's why MCC Hostel in Celje in Slovenia impressed me. It's been a while since I've seen a hostel that is so well decorated and with such a unique story behind - each room is decorated after a local legend. Klemen - the guy in charge - will proudly share a "ninja legend/story" with you and perhaps you can try a ninja costume on  #slovenia #mcchostel #ninja...



...My most memorable impression by far was staying at MCC Hostel. For two reasons: number one – I don’t remember the last time I stayed in a hostel; and number two – I don’t remember the last time I stayed in a hostel as funky as this one. I believe it bears the name ‘House of legends’ for all the right reasons...


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