The Land of Celje


The Land of Celje, which consists of the third largest Slovenian town Celje and 21 neighboring municipalities, is a tourist destination for all seasons. Geographically diverse landscape provides many outdoor activities and sports.

During the winter months you can visit one of the country's premier ski resorts at Rogla or Pohorje. In the summer you have a number of well-marked walking, hiking and cycling paths which are suitable for everyone.

You can rest in one of six modern thermal spas, which will impress you not only with its thermal water, but also with a wide variety of other services.

Must for every visitor is visiting the countryside, where friendly locals will prepare you a traditional meal. Many farms also offer accommodation and purchase of real domestic, farm goodies.

The region's cultural and historical attractions also offer plenty of options. Celje was an important European crossroads for centuries and home to one of the most powerful families in this part of the continent in the late Middle Ages.  Nowadays various castles, monasteries and medieval towns are evidence of this rich history. Regional museums, historical presentations, open air museums and smaller ethnological collections offer insights on how the people have lived here from the earliest settlements thousands of years ago up until modern times.

By clicking on the link below, you can see a short presentation movie of Land of Celje.

Movie - The Land of Celje


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