Top 10 things to do in Celje for free


Celje is a city with rich history that offers to his guests many things to do in free time. See top 10 things Celje offers and find something for yourself.

- Enjoy summer in Celje – different concerts in the old city in July and August
- Get to know recreational and learning path around Šmartinsko lake
- Try water trampoline and other water activities on Šmartinsko lake
- Take a walk by the Savinja river and find peace in the city park
- Peek into Gallery of contemporary art and Likovni salon Gallery
- Experience sledding on Celjska koča
- Pravljična dežela - Open air concerts, open market, programme for children in December
- Try sledding and skiing on Golovec
- Visit Račka - the only erotic gallery in Slovenia
- Take a walk to Miklavški hill and visit the roman sanctuary from Heraklej on the way


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