Aventura Boutique Hostel Budapest

One of the best and uniqe hostel in Budapest, Hungary. The popularity of Boutique Hotels is fast growing, so at Aventura Hostel Budapest have decided to follow this exciting new trend in budget-conscious travel by pampering up hostel to offer - the demanding traveler on the go for cultural discovery and a relaxing stay - a uniquely designed, intimate, cosy environment.
Forget bunk beds, 12 bed dorms, cold showers and uninviting kitchens. Aventura Boutique Hostel Budapest offers you stylishly designed spacious themed rooms furnished with taste and care.

Cuba Bar & Hostel

Hostel Cuba - Accommodation České Budějovice is located in a historic building in the center of the Czech Budejovice 5 minutes walk from Premysl Otakar II.

Youth hostel Pliskovica

Pliskovica Youth hostel operates on the site of a protected cultural monument that is over 400 years old. Although renovated to a comfortable standard the hostel boasts authentic Karst architecture, a genuine rural aesthetic and a beautiful closed yard planted with herbs, fruit trees and lavender, and all of this just 15 minutes from the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful city of Trieste.

Hostel Celica

One of the best hostel in Slovenia according to guests' reviews, appreciated by travelers, artists and wider public. Ever considered spending the night behind bars without getting arrested? Check out the cell life….

Camp Alpe

The Kamp Alpe campsite lies in Slovenia in the middle of unspoiled nature at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, close to the Kamniška Bistrica River and directly at the cable car to Velika planina – a distinctive alpine pasture, one of the most popular tourist spots in Slovenia. The campsite is 25 km away from capital city - Ljubljana, 50 km from Bled and 120 km from the Slovenian coastline.

MC Hostel Brežice

Not far away from the Brezice Castle, near the largest Slovenian natural spas and the second largest Slovenian tourist center Terme Catez, pearly confluence of the rivers Krka and Sava, there is the Youth Centre Brezice where we provide accommodation, relaxation, socializing and many experiences of your choice. It is suitable for members of all generations from the youngest to those of mature years.

EKO CAMP KORITA – Open air Hostel

The funkiest adventure resort in Eastern Europe is located in a picturesque location in the heart of Triglav National Park – Soča Village (Trenta). Remote from the every day hustle & bustle of city life it offers relaxation, adventure sports, funky accommodation and much more.


Discover undiscovered - Youth hostels centers .

Suitable for ...

• Individual travelers or groups who want to discover and explore the untouched corners and experience the genuine Slovenia .
• For multi-day tour programs that need additional space capacity for the implementation of activities ( seminar and computer rooms , multipurpose hall , tutorials, music , sports facilities)

Why ...
• Experience the untouched Slovenia, which is mass tourism has not yet reached .
• Young people deserve comfort at an affordable price .
• All in one place - the possibility of using additional space for various multi-day programs.

We support young people and youth work

Support young people and youth work . By selecting youth hostels centers support the development of youth centers that provide a safe environment for experiential learning and testing their own ideas , a place to acquire a first work experience and competence development , and last but not least the opportunity for a first job .

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