Aventura Boutique Hostel Budapest

One of the best and uniqe hostel in Budapest, Hungary. The popularity of Boutique Hotels is fast growing, so at Aventura Hostel Budapest have decided to follow this exciting new trend in budget-conscious travel by pampering up hostel to offer - the demanding traveler on the go for cultural discovery and a relaxing stay - a uniquely designed, intimate, cosy environment.
Forget bunk beds, 12 bed dorms, cold showers and uninviting kitchens. Aventura Boutique Hostel Budapest offers you stylishly designed spacious themed rooms furnished with taste and care.

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Weather report

Sreda, 20.03.2019 -2 / 12 °C
Četrtek, 21.03.2019 -3 / 14 °C
Petek, 22.03.2019 -4 / 17 °C

source: meteo.arso.gov.si