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Sobota, 6.1.2018 ob 21:00 uri
MCC kavarna 

Mcc Kavarna nadaljuje s ciklom akustičnih sobot z naslovom (Ba)kanal! 
Tokratna nastopajča se predstavljata takole:

˝i’ve been thinking, thinking ’bout thinking, thinking ’bout how we are not thinking enough. and i just think we can’t be that smart, if we can’t put our brains bellow our hearts.. and think. i am glad i’m in love, i can feel i’m above, this love is not adressed, it is our godliness, an extension of our souls, a radiation of our subjectivity.. you see.. the vaster the radiation the greater is your love, but you have lived under a common fallacy, to all human beings, this is not the key. now you’re asking am i able to love you, you should ask am i able to just be.. am i able to become love, am i able to see. and of course your love will reach me, it will reach others too, it will be a vibe surrounding you spreading all over, you wont believe you’re sober. if so many people are simply expressing their love, their song , their extasy.. their whole place becomes a temple, you see and nobody is at a loss, because on you it’s shovering the love of people. so keep on thinking, think about thinking, think about how we’re not thinking enough and you might think that we can’t be that smart, if we can’t put our brain bellow our heart.. and think.˝

Hana in Matic

Glasbene večere z lokalnimi glasbeniki bomo izvajali vsako 2. soboto v mesecu, zainteresirani za nastop pa nam lahko pišete na: bakanalmcc@gmail.com.

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