Legendary eats

1. Trač Center - Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged for our guests at a restaurant nearby our hostel. Traditional, vegan, vegetarian and international specialties for a reasonable price. Gourmand approved! 

2. Francl – A family restaurant that can caress your palates in a number of ways. Focus on home-made specialties and typical Slovenian fare. Culinary delights, worthy of sin. The place has been awarded the "Gostilna Slovenija" (Restaurant Slovenia) brand.

3. Gostilna Matjaž - A restaraunt with delicious daily prepared meals, friendly staff and a long culinary tradition. Also awarded with "Gostilna Slovenija" brand. 

4. Pub and pizzeria Koper – The pizza is great here, and other offer is certainly keeping up. In addition to exquisite cuisine, pizzeria Koper boasts being the first to serve pizza in Celje – as far back as in the days of socialism.

5. Loving Hut Celje - Peace begins on your plate. Vegan fast-food restaurant with a rich selection of international delights. All of their ingredients are 100% vegan, organic and non-GMO. Special offer for our guests at Loving Hut Celje - 10% discount for meals. Coupons at the reception. 

6. Aga kebapçi – Almost touching the ruins of Alma Karlin's birthplace, this stand packed with diligent staff serves several versions of the döner kebab. The place is especially lively on weekends when it is tasked with feeding the starving crowds of partying youth.

7. Grill and snack bar Jakup Beđeti, s.p. - To get up close and personal with the king of pljeskavica (hamburger) and čevapčiči (finger-shaped grilled minced meat), head to the bus station to see a ball of meat instantly transform into something delicious.

8. Kitajski dvor - Tradicional Chinese cuisine with different kinds of meat and fish specialties, vegetarian menus and typical desserts. 

9. Gostilna Amerika - They will spoil your scents with mediteranian cuisine, grilled and baked specialties, lamb in the summertime. 

10. Snack bar/burek parlour Šerifi Šaban – The best burek in town; paired with yoghurt and Turkish coffee, it makes the infamous "breakfast of champions". Due to the owner's conservative policy of dignified livelihood, it runs out shortly after noon. The place is also popular for its fresh ice cream straight from the soft serve ice cream machine.




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