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House rules of MCC Hostel


General rules:

Upon arrival at the MCC hostel you have to check-in at the reception. Registration of new guests is made after 16.00 am, on the day of departure you need to check out by 10.00 am. Accommodation must be paid upon arrival and you also have to deposit 10 EUR for:

- keys, linens and towel
- compliance with house rules
- check-out until 10.00 am on the day of departure

If you do not follow the house rules, lose the key or easily damage the inventory, deposit will be retained.
In case you don’t leave the room until 10.00 on the day of departure, additional night will be charged according to our pricelist.

At departure receptionist and the group leader or guest check out the room together. If the bed has not been made, the cost is 40 €. In case of smoking we can charge guests additional 50€ without previous warning.

Working hours:

• Reception:

Monday to Friday: 8:00  – 22.00 (late arrivals should be notified in advance) 

Weekends and holidays: 8.00 - 11.00 and 16.00  - 22.00

• Youth center Celje: 8.00 – 20.00

• MCC Cafe and internet corner: 6.00 – 22.00 (Monday-Thursday), 6.00 - 00.00 (Friday & Saturday)

MCC hostel is a building of historical and artistic value, so all guests are requested not to damage or remove art objects or any other objects from the hostel. It is also prohibited to alter the spatial layout of the rooms. For any intentional damage or removal of things from the rooms, guests will be charged additionally.

Booked room is waiting for you till 20.00 pm. If there are no other notices, it shall be be deemed by this time, that the room will not be occupied and we can rent it to another guest. In the case of later arrival without prior notice, we will offer you accommodation within the limits of available resources.

If you wish to extend your stay, you have to inform us at least 24 hours prior to the departure.

Night peace is required between 22.00 pm and 6.00 am.

In MCC hostel sleeping in sleeping bags is prohibited. For comfortable sleeping clean bedding is provided and will be replaced free of charge, when staying longer than 5 nights.

MCC hostel guests can put valuable things in safe deposit at reception. MCC hostel is not responsible for lost or damaged items that have not been deposited.

Animals have prohibited entry in the accommodation and catering part of MCC hostel.

In our hostel we separate garbage and take care of rational use of water and energy. In case of serious violations we will charge water and energy consumption additionally.

Common Spaces:

Respect other guests and treat them, as you would want them to treat you. You can receive guests in the MCC hostel reception or MCC cafe. Accommodation of guests in the MCC hostel, who are not checked-in and have not paid, is prohibited. In case of not respecting this rule, MCC hostel stuff can charge you double and inform the police.

The kitchen in the common space is reserved for MCC hostel guests. After each use, wash the dishes and clean the work area and desk. The food you store in the refrigerator, has to be labelled with your name and date of departure. All the unlabelled food items and the ones with an expired date will be discarded.

The technical articles in the common room to be managed diligently and according to the manufacturers manual.

It is prohibited to remove objects from common room and from MCC cafe.

It is prohibited to bring your food and drinks in the MCC cafe.

After use common room has to be cleaned up.


Fire classification and marking of emergency exits are clearly marked. Find out about the location of fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Follow the instructions of the fire policy and staff.

The use of heaters and cooking appliances in rooms is not allowed due to fire safety. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms MCC hostel, except in a summer - winter garden of MCC cafe.

In the case of intentionally triggering the fire alarm without a cause or initiating the cooking and smoking in places where it is prohibited, the doer bears the costs of intervention.

Alcohol consumption is limited to the MCC cafe. Storage of alcohol, possession of drugs or weapons in rooms of MCC hostel is prohibited. In case of not respecting this rule, MCC hostel stuff can seize such goods and inform the police.

Monitoring the implementation of local regulations is conducted by:
• Owner and operator - Institute CMLC,
• MCC staff hostel,
• the Security Service.

The above-mentioned are entitled to, at any time, in the presence of suspected infringement, without the permission of the guest, check compliance with local law anywhere on the MCC hostel premises.


Following are the terms and conditions which shall apply with regard to the provision of accommodation or other facilities by the Hostel (the owner of which is the Zavod CMLC - Celjski maldinski center – CMLC Institute - Celje youth center).

I. Partners to the agreement
The agreement shall be entered into by the Hostel (hereinafter referred to as the Hostel) and the guest (hereinafter referred to as the customer). If a third person placed the order tor the customer, than the third person shall have joint and several liability to the Hostel for all and any obligations or liabilities arising from this contract. In case of doubt or dispute, the partner to the agreement with the Hostel shall be the person placing the order, regardless of whether the service was indeed ordered for another party, specifically identified or not.

II. Field of application
These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the agreements on the tenancy of rooms/beds with the partner to the agreement for overnight accommodation, as well as agreements on all other services and provisions provided for the customer by the Hostel.

III. Effectiveness of the agreement
The agreement shall be effective when the Hostel receives a written order by the customer; the booking/reservation shall be valid when the customer submits proof of payment of the sum required for the reservation. The Hostel shall have no obligation to confirm the booking/reservation of the room in writing.

IV. Services and prices
1. The Hostel shall make ready the rooms booked by the customer and provide the services agreed upon. The Hostel shall have the right to provide accommodation of equivalent quality in the vicinity in case of overbooking. 

2. The customer shall pay the price agreed for the services used.

3. The customer shall not have any right to additional services which were not promised or specified in the offer (e.g. functionality of the TV set etc.).

4. All prices quoted shall be deemed to include the value added tax and any other local duties and charges.

5. A group shall be deemed to include more than 10 persons.

V. Payment
The customer/guest shall pay for all services prior to his arrival on our account or by cash or credit card upon arrival. In order to place an effective booking, customers shall pay in advance 30% of the total amount due. The rest is paid by customer upon arrival. Reservation shall be deemed confirmed and effective when the Hostel receives proof of advance payment. In case of special offers (fixed/lump-sum price, booking of facilities for a group, New Year's celebration, special offers etc.), the parties to the agreement shall agree on a non-refundable down payment. In case of premature departure, the entire amount initially agreed shall be charged. All invoices issued by the Hostel shall be payable within ten (10) days of receipt of the invoice, without any deductions. The Hostel shall have the right to declare any accrued receivables due for payment at any time, and require immediate payment thereof. The Hostel shall also be entitled to charge for any expenses of overdue reminder letters, as well as statutory interest for late payment (default interest).
The Hostel reserves the right to verify the customer's credit card before arrival.

Children: every child must have its own ID.

Pets: pets are not allowed to enter MCC Hostel.

VI. Termination of agreement on the part of the customer
Termination of agreement shall only be possible in writing (e-mail).
Following are the costs charged in case of termination of the agreement for individual guests (given as % of the booking price):

- 7 - 2 days before arrival……........30%

- 1 day before arrival…...........….... 70%

- on the day of arrival………...…... 100% 

Following are the costs charged in case of termination of the agreement for groups (given as % of the booking price):

- 15 - 7 days before arrival…....…. 50%

- 7 - 2 day before arrival….…........  80%

- 2 days - on the day of arrival ….. 100% 

VII. Termination of agreement on the part of the Hostel
If it is agreed in writing with the customer that the Hostel is entitled to terminate the agreement at no cost in a certain period of time, then the Hostel shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in such period, if other persons are interested in renting the rooms booked by the agreement and the customer refuses to waive the right to terminate the agreement despite a notification by the Hostel. Furthermore, the hostel shall have the right to terminate the agreement if the amount agreed upon was not paid within the agreed deadline. In some cases, the Hostel shall be entitled to terminate the agreement for justifiable reasons (e.g. force majeure or other circumstances beyond the Hostel's responsibility, or misleading or inaccurate essential information provided by the customer).

VIII. Provision, acceptance, and return of the room/accommodation
1. The customer shall have no right to demand a particular room, although the Hostel staff shall do their best to accommodate the customers' wishes.

2. The booked room/accommodation shall be available as of 12 noon on the day agreed upon as the day of arrival. Please note that the reception desk shall be open from 8 AM to 10 PM.

3. On the day of departure, the customer shall leave the room no later than by 10 AM and return the key at the reception desk. If the customer fails to leave the room by the said time, the Hostel shall have the right to charge 100% of the cost of another night of accommodation.

4. Guests arriving after 9 PM shall notify the Hostel about their late arrival in order to agree on a way in which the rooms would be accepted.

5. If the customer wishes to extend the stay, the Hostel shall be notified of such extension of stay at least 24 hours before the initially agreed departure.

6. If the customer settles in the room, but leaves the room before the first overnight stay, the entire price for overnight accommodation shall be charged.

7. If the customer books the room for a longer period of time, and vacates the room before the initially agreed departure date without quoting a reasonable explanation, then the entire price of accommodation for the booked period shall be charged.

IX. Hostel guarantee
1. The Hostel shall guarantee for the liabilities arising from the agreement diligently and in compliance with fair and traditional practices. No requests by the customer for any damages shall be accepted (unless damage was incurred by the customer as a result of intentional or blatant breach of contractual obligations on the part of the Hostel). In case of a disturbance or damage, the Hostel shall make every reasonable effort to eliminate such disturbance or damage as soon as it is discovered or as soon as it is notified of such occurrence by the customer. The customer shall reasonably cooperate in eliminating the disturbance and minimizing the damages.

2. The Hostel shall guarantee for the customer's belongings, pursuant to relevant legislation, only in case the damage results from a breach of contract on the part of the Hostel. We recommend keeping any valuables in the Hostel safe.

3. The Hostel shall not assume any responsibility for the customer's vehicle parked in the yard or in the parking lot, nor for any belongings left in the vehicle.

4. The Hotel shall not be responsible for any items or services ordered by the customer to the Hostel, unless such items or services were agreed upon personally and in writing with the customer (e.g. acceptance of concert tickets, if the acceptance was not previously arranged in detail).



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